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SHOWS 2006


18.11-19.11.2006 Dog shows in Belarusia.

 National Dog show in Minsk .

Blanca O`Lwiej Odwadze JUN EX/1, JUN CAC, JUN BOB, JUN BIS 4 !

Now our Blanca is Belarusian Junior Champion!

International dog Show in Minsk.

Blanca O`Lwiej Odwadze INTERM EX/1, CAC, R.CACIB.

Our Blanca and Bagmed from Rishiwa kennel.


11.11.2006 World Winner 2006 in Poznan (Poland).

Our Blanca was the 2nd junior female in World Winner 2006!

Blanca O`Lwiej Odwadze

23.09.2006 Tibet Dog Europe 2006

Our Blanca in show.

24.09.2006 International CACIB Show in Maribor

02.09.2006 National Dog Show in Padise (Estonia)

It`s was very succeful show for us!

Netravati Ananga BOB junior and Netravati Ameena BOO junior!

Netravati Ajita Avushmati JUN EX/2


Ananga, Alisha and Ameena.

12.08.2006 International FCI CACIB Dog Show in Latvia.

Skylit Netravati Princess  EX/1, BF 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

And now our Netra is Latvian and Estonian Champion!


Blanca O`Lwiej Odwadze JUN EX/1, JUN CAC, PP, BF 3

Blanca is Latvian junior champion too!

08.07.2006 National Dog Show in Luige (Estonia)

After three very succesful shows is our Blanca Estonian junior champion now!

We are very happy, that our only 12 months old Blanca was thous all shows BOB JUN too!

We are very grateful to Blanca`s breeder Monika Kolasa in Poland.


17.06.2006 International Dog Show in Pärnu (Estonia).

Blanca in show.

Netravati Ananga (ow.Tiia Pihlik) in show.


Our A-litter father Skylit Nanga Parbat (ow.Merike Aringo) in show.


03.06.2006. International Dog Show " Baltic Winner 2006"

 Our 11-months old Blanca BOB!

Blanca is Baltic Junior Winner 2006 and Baltic Winner 2006!

Blanca BOG-2 !


Photo by Angela Tendermann

Netravati Ananga in puppy class BOB!

27.05. National dog show in Kohtla-Järve.



Netravati Ameena Akuti, Netravati Ananga, Netravati Ajita Avushmati in dog show.

Netravati Ajita Avushmati PUPPY BIS 3!

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